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The Academy of Piano

Expressing Yourself Through The Art of Piano


The Academy of Piano is focused on providing high-quality teaching.  All ages and abilities are welcome.  

Our goal is two fold

1.  To provide the student with knowledge and skills to create music.


2.  To teach the student to communicate in an expressive and artistic manner. 

Whether you are a beginner or continuing your musical journey, we're sure you'll be happy working with us.  Look around our website and if you have any comments or question, please feel free to contact us.


Each student receives an individual lesson, once a week.  Lessons are given on a weekly basis, with the exception of Thanksgiving week, Christmas week and Spring Break.  Students are encouraged not to take more than four weeks off to continue making progress. 


We have two major recitals, twice a year. They are held at Steinway Piano Gallery, allowing enough room to invite family and friends.  During the school year, we also have several performance classes, also held at Steinway, allowing students to practice performing for each other.


Each year we offer composition workshops during the summer.  Small groups of students are combined to learn the skills of writing music.  Students also participate in music artistry programs throughout the year as well as Royal Conservatory Exams.


What our customers are saying

"My daughter has been taking lessons from The Academy of Piano for four years.  Cheryl teaches her students in a thorough manner, not focusing on just one aspect of music.  Students learn theory and performance etiquette.  They also participate in recitals, music artistry programs and other local competitions.  This sets a firm foundation for learning and growing.   Personally, I love the way Cheryl engages our daughter.  She's firm and fair.  She holds a high level of expectations, yet she teaches to the students level and ability.  She also finds ways to infuse fun into piano when and where she can.  I have no doubt that taking lessons at The Academy of Piano has also benefitted our daughter in other areas of her life.  Whether working through complex math equations, or dealing with projects that require multiple steps, her spatial reasoning has been enhanced through piano.  Piano has instilled patience, diligence and promoted healthy brain development in a way that is invaluable.  Thank you for being such an outstanding teacher, Cheryl"!   Harmony Reilly ~ parent

"I started piano in the 4th grade.  The focus you have to have, the feelings of your fingers on the keys, reading sheet music, the sound, I fell instantly in love with all of it!  It became my little oasis!  The patience you have to have with yourself while learning is the biggest thing I had to get used to while learning.  I would get frustrated but Cheryl was always great at reminding me to take a deep breath, maybe stretch for a second, and get back to it.  If you can't get it 5 times in a row perfectly you have to keep trying.   This has been the greatest thing to remember throughout my high school years, always keep trying.  It will come eventually, but don't give up, no matter how frustrated you get.  Give yourself a breather and get back to it, because, that feeling of accomplishment, once you get there, is more than worth it.  Thank you Cheryl for always pushing me to do my best and to always keep trying.  I will take that with me throughout my whole life".   Gracie Foeller ~ former student

Cheryl and The Academy of Piano have been a part of our lives for many years.  She is the absolute best of instructors.  The children's skill with the instrument have steadily increased over time, but they have learned so much more.  They have a general understanding of music as a whole, and through that she has helped me to instill in them work ethic, problem solving skills, and emotional coping.  We delight to see her and the help that she gives us as our children grow.   Caroline Warnick ~ parent

Get in touch!


4917 S. Bellaire Ln.

Veradale, WA  99037


(509) 868 - 0005

[email protected]


Mon. - Thurs. By appointment only